Monday, October 15, 2012

Missionary Quilt

Chad leaves on Wednesday. I am so excited for him! But I am a procrastinator. He got all his things purchased, but I promised him luggage and still haven't gone to get it. Considering he has to pack tomorrow at the latest, I should put that on today's to-do list. Probably. I have known since July that he is going to a fairly chilly place, but didn't put two and two together until last week.He was told to ship his bedding stuff straight to the mission home and I was thinking "Oh, I'll just send the blanket that he has on his bed right now." Obviously I wasn't actually thinking, because he always has to put extra blankets on his bed in the winter because his quilt is so thin. So last week it finally penetrated my brain that his current bedding would not do, not at all. So I made him a new quilt.

     This is a surprise to him and he won't see it until he opens up his box in South Dakota. The little scripture quote is Jeremiah 16:16. I wrote the whole thing in a square with a fabric marker, but it's a little hard to read in the photo. When I asked what scripture Chad would want on a missionary plaque, this was his immediate response. He didn't even have to think about it a single second. Which, when I read it, it made me laugh. I guess hunting and fishing will always be in that boy's blood in some form. Anyway, when he gets it, he will know he is loved. And he will be warm.

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