Friday, October 11, 2013

Kristen Stirling Wedding Dress

Kristen's dress was in the commission line right after Anne's dress. Kristen was adorable. (Obviously. I mean, look at that face. Come on.) The way the tulle lightened the dress and floated when she moved was gorgeous. And did I mention the birdcage veil we did? It was a great topper accessory. (Get it? Topper? As in, the 'top' of her head? Yeah?… Okay, maybe that was a stretch).

Anne Adams Wedding Dress

This post is LOOOONNNNNGGGG overdue. Working with Anne Adams last year was a wonderful experience. She was so sweet and she knew what looked good on her. She chose a flattering shape for her body and I got to work with awesome lace too. And thank you to her for sending more customers my way! 

This last picture is my absolute favorite. The light, the hair, the look,…. THE DRESS! Ha ha ha. Thank you Anne Adams!

p.s. I forgot to mention the veil… it ended up beautifully too!

Julia Santiago Alterations

Sometime in June Julia came to me for dress alterations. The dress started with little cap sleeves and a neckline similar to a boat neck. The dress ended in petal sleeves and a scoop neck. Aren't these pictures beautiful?! Yes. Yes they are. 

There are even more pictures on her blog ( if you want more!