Monday, October 1, 2012

Awesome Tech Support

You know how sometimes you get on a website and go to the part that says "contact us", and you email them and you hear back three months later and maybe never? Today was NOT that day. I screwed up and downloaded a digitized design for my quilting machine, but I downloaded for the wrong brand of machine. So of course my machine wouldn't read the flash drive. After I figured out why it wouldn't work, I contacted the company, via email. I was pretty sure I wouldn't hear from them for a while and the quilt for my client was on the machine and ready to be worked on.  Within an hour, they had answered my email, AND sent me the correct download for my machine. I did my happy dance right then and there. Can you believe it?!! An answer in less than an hour!!! (I can't use too many exclamation points!!!) The name of this amazing company: Anne Bright. I love their designs and now I love Susan too. She was the wizard that fixed my mess up. Hooray for Anne!!! Pictures of the quilts tomorrow.

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